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  • Shobit Rohilla, 26,
    Though, I was not aware of any problems. I just went with my friend and got my lipid profile tested and saw the gruesome results. My cholesterol was very high. I came to know about you through my friend and visited you. You gave me your time and suggested me supplements with some lifestyle changes. It worked and now my cholesterol is normal and I feel more alive. My recommendation to you is that we love to speak with you. Please increase your consultation time. Love you sirji
    Shobit Rohilla, 26,
    Web Designer
  • My mother was having cracks on her feet and were troubling her while walking. She was depressed as she was not able to move to meet even neighbours. Thank you for giving her the foot cream made up of natural products which healed the cracks. LOL, now we have to search for her in neighbour’s houses. She is happy now.
  • My mother aged 58 was told by doctors for knee replacement but you told me to treat all body problems through nutrition. I am grateful that the knee replacement surgery is not required now. Your unique combination of nutritional supplements helped my mother and saved my money. I recommend you to please continue your services for the humanity.
    ARVIN KUMAR, 32,


Do not pollute your body with the toxic habits, let us help you lead a natural healthier life!

Lets bring together the touch of nature and Ayurveda's wisdom

We believe that everything can be fixed from natural diet and substances, the use of the synthetic substances like allopathic and other measures should only be taken in emergencies.

With Acres of Herbal Farms we manufacture our unique and High Quality Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Juices following the studies of Ayurveda.

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From sizing to actual dosage form, every single step is accurately processes and monitored to bring you the best and the most effective solutions. / our Products meet the Highest Standards of Safety, Purity and Efficacy.

Being well or healthy is when one is in contact with everything natural and nothing artificial.

Man has been nature’s most intelligent and technologically advanced being but, with increase in artificial, toxic and polluted substances in our daily lives, it is giving our bodies chronic diseases. Our bodies are created from the elements of nature, our genes are not designed to tolerate the environmental toxins, thus our bodies get weak and attract diseases. But in our busy lives it’s easy to forget how much we rely on natural environment for a healthy disease free life. Nature gives us organic ingredients that are nutrient-rich and our bodies accept them freely. The foundation of our practice is firmly rooted in our commitment to help you make right, wholesome and natural choices. . .