July 6, 2016
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The free radicals damage lipids, proteins, cell walls, vessel walls and even DNA nucleus of the cell in spite of our tremendous antioxidant defense systems. Many research centers have now confirmed the existence of damage removal and repair systems for all of these oxidized proteins, cell walls, lipids and DNA. Our bodies do have a sophisticated, state of art repair system. There is both a direct repair system and an indirect repair system within each of our bodies. We really don’t know much about the direct repair system, but yes, it exists. The repair units in our bodies recognize the damaged cell parts and repair them. The body doesn’t just patch these cells, it actually tears them down completely and then rebuilds from scratch. Damaged proteins become brand new proteins through recycled amino acids. The body repairs altered fats and DNA in a similar method. It is critical that you understand that the body has an amazingly built-in ability to heal itself. If you look into the complex nature of this repair system and functions of the cell you will appreciate that it is no random act of nature. If you take the example of the eye, you can observe the intricacy of the structure, the retina is made up of twelve intricate layers and billions of specialized cells. The rods & cones in retina gather light waves and send these messages to the brain. Our brain interprets these impulses and creates our vision in vivid, moving, full color. This is not a random act or an accident, it’s an ingenious creation. Same is with the body’s astonishing immune system and antioxidant defense system. The best defense against getting chronic degenerative diseases is provided in our own body, not in the drugs which doctor prescribes.