December 6, 2017
December 18, 2017

There are really two sides to this problem of high homocysteine levels. One is the amount of methionine in your diet that the body has to metabolize and breakdown. This requires that you become careful with the amount of meat and dairy products you are consuming. Isn’t it interesting that these are the same foods that are high in saturated fat & cholesterol? Obviously, we need to replace these foods with more fruits & vegetables as well as vegetable proteins. As said in my earlier blog, that methionine is an essential amino acid, however, in the Indian diet; we will always get more than enough. The other side of the coin is providing enough Folic acid, Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin B-12 so that the enzyme systems needed to break down homocysteine can work effectively. It is interesting to note that all studies that have shown harmful aspects of elevated homocysteine have also shown depleted levels of B- Vitamins. When my patients have an initial homocysteine level above nine. I start them on supplemental B vitamins and recheck their blood level within 6 to 8 weeks with this B vitamin regime, homocysteine levels tend to fall somewhere between 15 to 75% but not all patients respond adequately to just B vitamins. Then, it is sure shot that these patients simply have an overall problem with methylation, the biochemical process used by the body to reduce homocysteine to be high or non harmful products in the body. Methylation deficiency is responsible not only for elevated homocysteine levels but is also one of the key underlying problems in some of our major chronic degenerative diseases, especially some cancers and Alzheimer’s dementia. In fact a study reported that homocysteine blood level is directly related to Alzheimer’s dementia. Therefore, the elevated level of homocysteine is not only an indicator for decreased levels of “Methyl” donors in our body, but they also produce important nutrients needed by the brain. The methyl donors and supplemental B vitamins are the least expensive which has an excellent effect on homocysteine levels.