March 14, 2018
Apple Cider Vinegar – Harmful effects
March 29, 2018
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Nutritional science offers us the greatest hope in our fight against cancer and several other degenerative diseases. They not only help prevent cancer but may actually enhance the traditional chemo & radiation therapy. How can the process of building up the body’s natural defense be bad? Shouldn’t doctors want their patients to be as healthy as possible, since cancer treatments are going to put patients under the greatest stress they have had to endure in their lives? Natural antioxidants and their supporting nutrients are the ideal cancer prevention agents for many reasons.

They limit and even prevent the free radical damage to the DNA nucleus of the cell.

They provide the proper nutrients needed for the body to repair any damage that has already been done already.

They are safe and may be taken over a lifetime. Pharmaceutical drugs do not share this advantage. Many drugs have serious side effects.

They are relatively inexpensive as compared to drugs used in the treatment of cancers.

They provide the best defense against further advancement of cancer.

They protect the body against oxidative stress that chemotherapy and radiation create.

They embellish the cancer fighting ability of chemotherapy and radiation.

They inhibit the replication and growth of the cancer.

They have shown to cause tumor regression in some instances.

We cannot deny that the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments has reached a plateau. Oncologists and radiation therapists must become more open minded about antioxidant use in their patients. As researchers seriously consider the use of multiple antioxidants at optimal levels, cancer prevention and treatments may well be revolutionized. In the meantime the research that is presently available supports the use of antioxidants in all stages of cancer prevention and treatment.