Apple Cider Vinegar – Harmful effects

March 20, 2018
April 7, 2018
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Apple Cider Vinegar has been around for a long time probably thousands of years. Many people claims that ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates used to it to treat people.

Recently, many companies started producing and marketing it for commercial benefits. There are many benefits which are advertized on a grand scale, some of which includes Weight Loss, Body Detox, Sore Throats, High Blood Pressure etc. Some people use apple cider vinegar on the skin for acne. It is also sometimes used in foods as a flavouring agent.

Laboratory analysis of commercially available apple cider vinegar shows wide variation in what they contain. Amounts of acetic acid ranged from 1% to 10.57%. Amounts of citric acid ranged from 0% to 18.5%. amounts of ingredients listed on the product labels didn’t match the laboratory findings. In India, there is no real definition in the law what apple cider vinegar must contain to be called apple cider vinegar.

In a 2014 review, Health Expert Katherine Zeratsky, R.D, L.D at Mayo clinic that there is no evidence that ACV affects metabolism. In fact there is no evidence for ACV & Weight Loss and other benefits which are advertised by the commercial producers.

Now let’s see what actually ACV do in our bodies,

ACV if consumed in any form damage or corrode the esophagus, tooth enamel, lining of internal organs especially stomach due to the high level of citric acidic content. ACV on direct application of skin can cause irritation, rashes and a burning sensation. This potential harmful effect of ACV is called tissue disruption.

ACV due to its high acetic acid content causes low potassium level in the blood & it also reduces the mineral density of the bone thus increasing the risk of Osteoporosis.

Since ACV have highly acidic contents, it can cause serious diarrhea, indigestion & heart burn. If even after stopping the consumption of ACV, the harmful still is impacting you, then you are in serious trouble.

It erodes the tooth enamel and gives yellowish tinge to teeth, ACV can thus also increases the tooth sensitiveness & due to decreased potassium levels in blood which is called hypokalemia, it can also leads to constipation, weakness, muscular cramps & even it’s consumption affect your heart. Potassium is needed in the body for maintain proper function of nerves & muscles.

It interacts with several medications thus can lead to health & medical emergencies.

If in spite of many harmful effects, you want to consume ACV, remember the dosage of ACV depends on several factors such as the age, health, mineral deficiencies, protein levels and many other factors, it is best consult a healthcare professional or better a nutritionist before using. My personal advice is WHY TO TAKE RISK WITH OUR HEALTH.