May 29, 2018
August 3, 2018
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As you are reading since our last few articles that inflammation is a serious enemy and as you already read in our last few blogs that heart disease is really an inflammatory disease and not a disease of cholesterol. Many devastating problems are all the result of inflammation. Our next few articles will be devoted to arthritis & osteoarthritis, which developed because of increased inflammation of joints & asthma which is also caused by inflammation.

Simply put, most of us just have too much inflammation in our bodies. We need to bring this excessive inflammation back into balance, and nutritional supplements are the key. The inflammatory response is the result of a complicated chain of events involving the immune response, which releases tremendous amounts of free radicals, caustic enzymes & inflammatory cytokines. We already know about basic immune response (, but we now need to look at how to handle the prolonged inflammatory (chronic inflammation) response that these cytokines create.

Antioxidant supplements & antioxidant foods are our best tool. They improve our immune system, they help control the inflammatory response, and they build up our antioxidant defense, which in turn protects our normal cells from inflammatory destruction. But, there is another important aspect of this inflammatory response we need to look into, our body’s natural anti-inflammatory system. That’s right. Has it ever crossed your mind as you reach for the strips of anti-inflammatory pills (like Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac or aspirin) that your body makes its’ own anti-inflammatory products?

Let’s take a look at what those products are in our next article.