October 31, 2018
November 3, 2018
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Vandana is an attractive lady I have had the pleasure of knowing over the past several years. When I first met Vandana, her lower leg was actually angled to outside because her knee had degenerative so significantly. She was not only having a lot of discomfort in her knee but also in her right hip because she had to walk at a difficult angle.

Vandana talked to me about the tremendous degenerative arthritis that had developed in her right knee following an accident that occurred when she was a teenager. The accident had damaged the cartilage in her knee, and then a short time later she re-injured it. After the second injury she had no choice but to have an operation, and the surgeon removed a major portion of seriously damaged cartilage. In spite of doing all he could, her doctor warned her that she would have a lot of problems with her knee in the future.

Her specialist had given her a brace to wear over her right knee to protect it primarily when she was active. The only other thing he advised her to do was keep the pain under control by using NSAIDS & delay having knee replacement as long as possible. Vandana knew that a joint replacement would last only somewhere between eight to twelve years, if she was lucky. Being so young & many years left to live What should she do?

When I met Vandana, her doctor had discussed the knee replacement option with her, and she was strongly considering it. The longer she delayed the surgery, the better, but she had to weigh the pain of her current situation with the prognosis of her future.

Vandana determined to do all she could to postpone surgery but not at the expense of her quality of life. She came to me for consultation & we started an aggressive nutritional supplement program that would make a better quality of life possible for her. She began taking a potent anti-oxidant and mineral combination along with some grape seed extracts, essential fatty acids, calcium and magnesium supplements. She also started taking 2000mg of glucosamine as suggested.

Vandana continued following her physical therapy guidelines and ate a balanced diet which we suggested. Within a few months of beginning our therapy, Vandana could already begin to feel & see improvement. She was less dependent on her NSAIDS and was now able to do more than she had for years. She became much more active and felt less pain. In fact she even overcome her fears 7 went for hill trekking for the first time in years.

More exciting for Vandana, however, was when she returned tp her physician and had repeat X-rays taken of her knee. Her physician was amazed when he compared the current X-rays to those taken two years prior. The comparison revealed that her leg was not angled as much, and he could see increased separation of her bone on her knee X-ray was evidence that her cartilage had grown back.

Vandana was not altogether surprised at these findings because she could feel the difference and the documented improvement from her doctor was just the icing on the cake.

Vandana continues to be active and does pretty much everything she desires to do actively participating in aggressive sports though she prefers to wear knee braces for protection & she celebrates each year as one more year she delayed a joint replacement.

Why is Vandana doing so well? Let’s look the strategy we first determined to fully understand the underlying problems⸺⸺at cellular level⸺⸻ of the degenerative arthritis that followed her accident. Second, we considered all possible solution available & eliminated almost all except treating at the cellular level through regeneration. Third, WE TOOK ACTIONS WITH COMMITMENT.

Let’s examine the vitamins & minerals essential for healthy bone & joints.