November 2, 2018
November 13, 2018
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Anyone who is suffering from degenerative arthritis needs to take a potent, well balanced antioxidant & mineral supplement. This is apart from the well balanced diet. Strong evidence exists that patients who suffer from arthritis are deficient in several antioxidants & supporting nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Boron, Vitamin B3 & others as you will learn as we take each & every nutrients. The need is also to reduce the oxidative stress. You know that BONES ARE LIVING TISSUE. Bones are not just a collection of calcium crystals. It continuously remodel itself through osteoblastic (bone forming), Osteoclastic (bone resorbing) activity. It is constantly engaged in biochemical reactions that are dependent on many different micro-nutrients and enzyme systems. Therefore, like any living tissue, bone has diverse nutritional needs.

The Indian diet, which has changed following the western diet with its high intake of breads, white flours, refined sugars, and fat, is terribly deficient in many of these essential nutrients. Our nation’s diet is also very high in carbonated beverages & red meats, which increase the intake of phosphorus and decrease our absorption of calcium. Inadequate intake of any nutrients required for bone health contributes to osteoporosis.

Another common myth that is believed by people across generational gaps is that calcium is all we need for strong bones and to stave off osteoporosis. But the truth is that a variety of essential nutrients must be present, not just calcium, to have any success in decreasing the amount of osteoporosis in this country.

In order to reduce the risk of fractures of the spine, hip & wrist, we must pay attention to several important factors, preserving adequate bone mass, preventing the loss of the protein matrix part of bone, and making sure that the bone has all the proper nutrients it needs to repair & replace damaged areas of the bone. Nutritional supplementation plays a vital role in all three areas of preserving & building bone.

Let’s take a look at each nutrients and how it aids in the fight against osteoporosis.