January 4, 2019
January 9, 2019
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Everyone desires to maintain and protect the ability to reason and to think. In fact losing this ability is probably the number one fear of most of my patients. When a person forgets where he put his keys or can’t remember neighbor’s name, he often comes to my office fearing he has developed Alzheimer’s dementia.

As we all age, we will have this concern at one time or other. I do not have a fear of dying because of my faith “when I will be absent from the body, I will be with my God”. But after being Clinical Nutritionist & Dietitian for so many years and seeing so many disabled patients. I do live with a nagging concern of being trapped in my body. I have patients with Alzheimer’s dementia who have not recognized their spouses or kids for more than a decade, and yet their general physical health is still good. Walk through a nursing home and you will understand why I am so concerned.

The principle of optimizing our own natural antioxidant defense system is paramount when it comes to protecting the cells in our brain against our common enemy, oxidative stress. Remember, we must focus on prevention and protection, because once a brain cell is destroyed it is not readily replaced.

There are two main concepts to keep in mind if we are going to have any effect on decreasing the incidence of these seriously disabling diseases, first, we must use a cocktail of antioxidants that will work in synergy while readily crossing over the blood brain barrier. Second, we need to avoid any excessive exposure to the heavy metals I mentioned and other toxins in our environment. Balance is the key, and we must work on decreasing our toxic exposures as well as building up our body’s natural defenses.

I believe the cellular nutrition that I will share here will help the individual who is healthy accomplish his goals for brain health and preservation. If you are already concerned about a decline in your ability to remember things or have a strong history of Alzheimer’s in your family, you may want to add some additional nutrients that I call optimizers. These are those antioxidants that are known to cross over this blood brain barrier readily, such as grape seed extract. Stay tuned for more details or, if you are especially concerned, consults me online or by visiting my clinic at Janak Puri, New Delhi.

I have witnessed a number of near-miraculous recoveries from multiple sclerosis. I have personally been involved with several MS patients who have gone from being wheelchair – bound to walking, and I’ve had several other MS patients who have stabilized their disease with the use of nutritional supplements.

Granted, MS is more than a neuro-degenerative disease, it is also an autoimmune disease that doctors have been able to treat by enhancing the immune system. In fact physicians are now using betaserone and avonex (which is actually interferon) drugs known to help improve the immune response. Nutritional supplementation with potent antioxidants, minerals, CoQ10, grape-seed extract, and essential fats do basically the same thing, however they don’t have all the adverse side effects. Again, I always encourage patients to continue all their prescription medications along with their supplements. Some MS patients do improve so much that they discuss going off their medication with their physicians.

It is quite obvious that the proper functioning of our brain and our nerves is an essential aspect of our health, and we now realize that the main enemy to this central part of our body is oxidative stress.  Since brain and nerve cells have a very difficult time regenerating themselves, it is paramount that we protect these sensitive cells from being damaged in the first place.

It will take years of study to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that supplementing our diet with potent antioxidants that readily cross over the blood brain barrier can effectively protect us against these horrible diseases. But I believe the evidence available in the medical literature is strong enough now to advice my patients to supplement a healthy diet with antioxidants at optimum levels. Such a regimen can only help.