February 1, 2019
February 5, 2019
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Have you ever been “sick and tired of being sick and tired”? Many people with fatigue leave their doctor’s clinic with a prescription of anti-depressants. When the physician is not able to find anything wrong, he assumes that the patient is depressed. But I have learned that when patients do not feel well and do not have the energy to perform their duties, they get discouraged and start second guessing themselves. They wonder if they will ever have the energy to be high spirited again. As time wears on they do get down-they become depressed. But this is truly different from depression and you see in a patient who is emotionally depressed. This is why I call these patients “immunologically depressed”.

The increased oxidative stress people experience not only creates fatigue but also depletes the immune system. When patients use nutritional supplements to bring oxidative stress back under control, they not only feel better, but they begin to function normally again, which makes them feel better still. I always enjoy it when my patents tell me during a return visit, “I am not depressed anymore. Can I go off of the antidepressants the other doctor prescribed? They never really helped me anyway.”

The very serious illnesses, I have discussed in my previous articles are merely the end results of prolonged exposure to excessive oxidative stress within the body. People do not realize that lasting fatigue is on the same continuum as severe illness. Though many will not develop a serious illness initially, when their bodies are under the attack of prolonged oxidative stress, they will continue to wear down until a serious disease develops.

If I were to do a study of people passing by on the sidewalk to determine how many don’t feel up to par (have significant amounts of residual fatigue), my guess is that the numbers would be shocking. Let me tell you what I have learned over the past few years of my practicing nutritional medicine.

You don’t just wake up one morning with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. My patients who are coming in not feeling well, complaining of fatigue, frequent infectious, poor sleep, anxiety, and depression are also suffering from the beginning stages of degeneration due to increased oxidative stress. I can almost tell by looking at a person’s face if he is under excessive oxidative stress. His face is drawn & he does not look vibrant or healthy. If we don’t address the underlying problem effectively, these patients will most likely develop chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or even more serious degenerative diseases.

I no longer send my weary patients out the door with the comment “I can’t find anything wrong with you”. I know this causes immunological depression and may lead to more serious conditions. I now encourage people to look at their lifestyles and environments for possible clues of increased stress or toxic exposures. They need to attempt to eliminate causes of increased oxidative stress ( as much as is humanly possible. It is important for them to think about their lifestyle and their stress levels. Are they being exposed to excessive toxins like secondary cigarette smoke, herbicides, pesticides, and air borne pollutants? I encourage them to get proper rest, start to exercise regularly, and begin to eat a healthy diet. I then start them on a potent antioxidant tablet, mineral tablet, and some grape-seed extracts and have them return to see me in the clinic in about 4-6 weeks.

Unlike other alternative practitioners, I look for the root cause of the symptoms. I don’t need to do the expensive testing they do (most has been shown to be inaccurate anyway) because I am not trying to correct any one particular nutritional deficiency – but rather the underlying threat instead. I attempt to provide the cell with all of the micronutrients at optimal levels. The cell will decide what it does and does not need.

Consistent with medical literature, I have found that bringing oxidative stress back under control with cellular nutrition is by far the most effective means of redeeming one’s health with this approach the overwhelming majority of my patients are able to return to a normal life.

Follow-up is also very important. It is simply amazing to see how many patients return feeling almost normal again. Their improvement is often dramatic, obvious in their face and skin tone. The right treatment is there.

Aarti’s experience with fibromyalgia began in April 2012. She had been a person who was seldom sick, but that year she become very ill with flu like symptoms that caused her body to ache so severely that she thought at any moment she would have to be rushed to the emergency. It took almost two weeks before she recovered fully from this virus.

She is working in sales & marketing going out of stations frequently. This was not an unusual task for her, but when she woke up one day, she felt as if she had moved furniture for three days. She thought she had probably just overdone it the day before. Little did she realize that this was only the beginning.

The next problem she encountered was a sleep disorder although she tried a number of solutions, such as medication, less coffee, and warm milk, nothing seemed to help. She continued to struggle with erratic sleep patterns for the next 2 years. She also experienced confusion, memory loss, and visual disturbances. Soon she become aware of joint pain, knots in her shoulders, headaches, and a sore throat, those symptoms were more apparent in the morning hours, but the sore throat and mild headaches were a constant problem. She realized something very serious was affecting the quality of her health.

When she began walking each morning with stiffness, she knew it was time to seek medical help. At this point she was getting only 3-4 hours of sleep at night and those few hours were not restful. Her nerves were frayed and every little noise and action set her off.

The medication doctor gave her enabled her sleeping pattern to change somewhat, but after using the medication for a year she started to develop side effects. This particular medication made her heart race and caused extreme mood swings and horrible nightmares. She was convinced the medication was doing more harm than good, so she decided to stop taking it.

Aarti came to know about me and visited my clinic. She told me that she dreaded taking medicines & had thrown away the medicines prescribed by the doctor. I placed her on an aggressive nutritional program.

In September 2016, Aarti started this program of nutrition. The effects were amazing within three weeks she noticed a significant energy surge. No longer did she have to go to bed early in order to make it through next day. And shortly after feeling more energy, she became aware that the painful knots in her shoulder blades had disappeared.

By November the joint and muscle aches started to subside. In December she had minor surgery, and some of the symptoms returned shortly afterward. But then we increased her antioxidant intake and within 2 weeks the symptoms were no longer a problem.

In March 2017, she slept her first eight hour night. She was delighted to notice her sleep pattern was once again one of normal, deep sleep. Her nerves were no longer frayed and she felt a pervasive sense of wellness returning, confusion cleared and her thinking process began to improve. Now, she is doing well. In my next article will write about the root cause & the illness in more detail.