March 25, 2019
April 3, 2019
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HEART DISEASE:  I add approx 100 mg each of grape seed extract and CoQ10 along with some additional magnesium, about 200 to 300 mg per day. I feel it is critical for these patients to be taking a basic product that contains a mixture of vitamin E as mentioned in my article (CELLULAR NUTRITION: BASIC NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATION)

If one’s homocysteine level does not drop below 7 with just the B-vitamin as mentioned. I will add 1-5g of TMG (Trimethylglycine) to the patient’s regimen.

CARDIOMYOPATHY:  I Add 300-600 mg of CoQ10 to a patient’s regimen along with some additional magnesium and 100 mg of grape seed extract. Patients will usually see a response within 4 months. CoQ10 is very safe and the top researchers in the country and worldwide feel comfortable pushing to 600 mg daily if the patient is not responding to lower doses. However, some cardiologist likes to perform blood level testing on the amount of CoQ10 in your blood before they begin to push to these higher levels.

CANCER PATIENTS:  It is hard to give a simple formula for all the various cancers. But if there is no evidence of the cancer spreading (or the surgeon believes he totally removed it). I will add 200 mg each of grape seed extracts and CoQ10. If the patient has metastatic cancer (cancer that’s spread). I will recommend 300 mg of grape seed extract with 500-600 mg of CoQ10. Children ages between 8 to 15 should take only half of the recommended levels as suggested earlier in my article and half of the grape seed extract and CoQ10 recommended here.

MACULAR DEGENERATION:  For patients with this condition. I primarily add 300 mg of grape seed extract to the nutrients as suggested in my article (CELLULAR NUTRITION: BASIC NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATION). I also add approximately 6-12 mg of additional lutein to the regime. I have found that if these patients are going to improve. It will occur within the first 4 months.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS:  My patients with MS have shows that at least 400 mg of grape seed extract, 200-300 mg of CoQ10 and even some additional 500-1000 mg of vitamin C can be helpful in this diseases. I warn my MS patients that it may be more than 6 months before they see any improvement.

LUPUS & CROHN’S DISEASE:  These patients need about 350 mg of grape-seed extract and 200 mg of CoQ10 added to the basic supplements. Again, if these patients improve it’s usually after about 6 months.

OSTEOARTHRITIS:  I add 1500-2000 mg of glucosamine sulfate and about 100-200 mg of grape seed extract. I have no problem if they also add 400-600 mg chondroitin sulfate or even 100 mg of MSM if the patients feel these help. I don’t feel the medical evidence is strong enough at this time to absolutely recommend then as optimizers.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:  Again I add 1500-2000 mg of glucosamine sulfate. 300mg of CoQ10, 400mg of grape seed extract and 200 mg of additional magnesium and calcium. And I increase the omega-3 fatty acids by adding 3 to 4 fish oil capsule or two teaspoons of cold pressed flax seed daily.

OSTEOPOROSIS:  For these patients I do not recommend adding optimizers to my recommendations, however, I strongly encourage them to be getting the right levels of vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium and to be sure they are taking these with food. They also need to get involved in an aggressive weight bearing exercise program for the upper body.

ASTHMA:  I add 200-300 mg of grape seed extract (children should take about 4 mg per kg per day) along with additional 1000 mg of vitamin C (children 200-500 mg), and 200 mg magnesium (children could add an additional 100 mg)

EMPHYSEMA: The basic nutrients I shared earlier are usually sufficient. I also may add 200 mg of grape seed extract along with additional vitamin C and magnesium as in Asthma.


As I mentioned earlier, these patients have already lost a significant number of brain cells before the diagnosis is even made. I have seen some significant improvement with Parkinson’s disease, though if the patient starts an aggressive nutritional program early in his disease. I recommend adding 400 mg of grape seed extract to their regimen. There is good medical evidence that the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease may be slowed with this regimen.

DIABETES MELLITUS:  I add approx 100-200 mg of additional grape seed extract to this regime. The cellular nutrition definitely provides everything else the body needs.

CHRONIC FATIGUE/FIBROMYALGIA: I add 200-300 mg of grape seed extract along with 100-200 mg of CoQ10 to the basic nutritional program. Sometimes I need to increase the grape seed extract to 400 or even 500 mg daily in order to capture this disease. Once the patients are responding favorably the amount can be decreased to a lower maintenance level.