April 16, 2019
Free Radicals
April 18, 2019
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Still with me? Great! We know that, wherever we live, we have inherited a toxic environment that leaves us with a burden of body pollution. Think of body pollution as a toxic waste dump that your vital organs do their best to cope with. These foreign chemicals that you take into your body need to be deactivated. While your body has the ability to detoxify, often it becomes overloaded and becomes less and less able to deal with body pollution. This can create permanent organ damage and also produce harmful by-products which remain active and stored in your body tissues (Look at our EPA chart to refresh your memory).

Every living creature has measurable levels of toxic chemicals stored in the body which when released can cause cellular damage. This damage may result in organ damage, a weakened immune system and more susceptibility to disease. At best these stored toxins place your body under incredible stress. You simply were never intended to handle the massive load that you ingest on a daily basis. It’s like walking around a landmine – sooner or later, you’re bound to trip over it! No wonder you feel tired for no apparent reason…your body is working hard to clean out toxins. If it is overwhelmed for a long stretch of time, sooner or later, you’ll get sick.