April 23, 2019
April 25, 2019
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So far, I’ve given you a clear picture of the body pollution that every living being is confronted with today and the long term impact as well as the ripple effect it can have on you and your health. The entire point of this book is to prove to you that you can put yourself back in charge of your health and your future.

One of the most important actions to take to live a healthy life is to be informed about nutrition. These days, that’s not easy. The whole subject is complex enough to make your head spin. Eat this, don’t eat that. No, that’s okay, but avoid this. Whoops! We were wrong. Start all over. It’s no wonder people get confused and simply throw up their hands in defeat. You’ll get contradictory advice from anyone you talk to, including many nutritionists.

That’s because the study of nutrition is still fairly new and more information comes out every day. While all of this information is quite complicated, it leads us back to the simple concept that to maintain health and prevent disease, we must return to a more nutritious diet. As you read this book, and become well-informed, you’ll find that staying healthy can actually be fairly simple and straightforward. So hang in there! The returns are well worth the effort.

If survival is all you’re looking for then enough food and water will do the trick. If thriving at optimal level is what you’re striving for, you’ll need to do more than just the basics. Bodies, similar to cars, are made up of many intricate parts. Just as cars need fuel, oil, coolant, engine fluid, etc., our bodies also need many different ingredients to function optimally. Your body is an amazing machine, yet unfortunately, many of us take better care of our cars. This is strange, since a car is expected to only last a few years, but your body lasts an entire lifetime. How would you treat your car if you could only have one for your entire life? Doesn’t your body deserve the best of care along with premium fuel?

If you take a look at the diets of our ancestors, you’ll see that they were made up of exactly the nutrients the body needs – water, carbohydrates, healthy fat and protein. You’ll also find it contained Vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients. This is no coincidence and no surprise. The compounds of healthy whole foods are the building blocks your body needs to function. Let’s take a closer look:


The Body’s Building Blocks

Building Block Role in Body
Protein (amino acids) Building material for the growth and maintenance of muscle, bone and other body tissues, enzymes, hormones, transportation, immune system

Ø Fibre

Energy cleansing, satiety
Healthy Fats Energy, hormones, cell membranes
Vitamins Assist enzymes that release energy from carbohydrate, fat and protein. Prevent deficiency, support optimal health. Antioxidants
Minerals Assist enzymes in diverse tasks all over the body. Antioxidants
Plant Nutrients Antioxidants, Detoxifiers, Immune support


It’s just common sense that eating well and providing your body with the proper fuel will keep you healthy. Are you giving your body all the building blocks it needs? Does the average person eat well enough to stay healthy? Does our modern diet supply us with the nutrients we need to thrive?

The answer is more than likely no – especially considering the additional assault we’re constantly under from our polluted environment.