May 8, 2019
Natural Versus Synthetic Vitamins
May 10, 2019
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The fact is that most people don’t get an optimal amount of all the vitamins they require by their diet alone and need to take supplements as a safeguard.

In saying that, I’ve now got a powerful ally on my side. While highly influential and much respected Journal of the American Medical Association insisted for years that we can get all the nutrients we need from our diet, they have finally changed their mind.

While this change-of-heart may not seem revolutionary to the average lay person who’s known for years that diet alone is not sufficient to meet all one’s nutritional needs, it is a huge breakthrough on the part of the medical establishment.

This respect journal is the voice of the entire American Medical Association and their recommend that all adults take at least one multi-vitamin daily. This is one giant step forward!

Not only that, the ultra-conservative American Medical Association has endorsed the idea that what we eat is a central component of an overall program of preventive health care. I’m hoping that this means that doctors will begin to look more closely at the eating habits of their patients. These organizations don’t move quickly, but the progress that’s being made is very encouraging.

This new awareness is part of a slow but growing attitude shift in conventional medicine when it comes to nutritional supplements. The prevailing opinion used to be that vitamin supplements weren’t needed since the typical diet provides all that we need to maintain good health. But it’s clear, even to an informed layperson, that we don’t always eat what we need.