Natural Versus Synthetic Vitamins

May 9, 2019
Tips for Choosing a Good Multi-Vitamin
May 11, 2019
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The difference between “synthetic’ and “natural” vitamins can be confusing. While it’s always better to get vitamins from whole foods, we’ve seen that this just isn’t happening. When people rely on diet alone for their nutritional requirements, vitamin deficiencies are commonplace.

When considering a vitamin supplement, ensure that wherever possible, the supplement contains a natural source of the vitamin. The natural source of vitamin E is particularly important since it’s absorbed 40% more efficiently than the synthetic form.

Most high-quality vitamin-mineral supplements also have non-medicinal ingredients similar to those in whole foods that help with absorption. Bioflavonoids, for example, are compounds found in many vitamin C rich foods that are thought to enhance the absorption of vitamin C as well as prolong its effectiveness.

In fact, some premium brands of vitamins include digestive enzymes that assist in absorption along with botanical extracts that provide added health benefits.