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December 14, 2015

What is Vitamin B-5/ Pantothenic Acid

RDA : 10 mg Benefits Helps maintain normal growth. Essential for converting food into energy. Helps the body fight infections and diseases. Helps heal wounds. Helps […]
December 14, 2015

What are Vitamins

Vitamin is an organic compound and a vital nutrient that we require in limited quantities. An organic chemical compound is called a vitamin when the human […]
December 13, 2015

Why Doctor’s Don’t Know About Nutritional Healing

WHY DOCTORS DON`T KNOW ABOUT NUTRITIONAL HEALING:- 1. Nutritional healing is not taught in medical school. 2. Drug companies provide continuation of education to their clinical […]
December 11, 2015

Check the Glycemic Index of fruits & vegetables

Foods with a low glycemic index number gradually release glucose into your bloodstream. This gradual release helps minimize blood sugar swings and optimizes brainpower and mental […]
May 14, 2015

What Are Body Minerals

The macro element like calcium, phosphorous, iron,  iodine,  and magnesium mixed with micro element like selenium, manganese, chromium,  vanadium, molybdenum, copper and zinc gives us a marvelous […]
May 14, 2015

Benefits of Vitamin E

Another element that is very important to prevent the tissues wearing out is Vitamin-E, also called to Tocopherol.This vitamin is stored in the liver, fat tissues, […]
May 14, 2015

Strong Healing Properties of Vitamin C

Our white blood cells, which defend the body against all types of hostile elements like bacteria, need a large amount of vitamin C to function. If […]
May 14, 2015

Health Benefits With Vitamin C

There are more than 120 illnesses which have been detected due to deficiency of vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid. Either those diseases can be prevented or […]