Let us be your guide to a heathy life!

What to expect:

Healurbody helps you achieve your heath goals with natural treatment, that includes custom diet plans and Advance diet plan recipes. Being natural supplements and diet, there are no side effects like that of antibiotics and other medicines.

Once a month consultation is enough in most of the cases to make sure we can get you to make heathy choices. You can expect to successfully achieve your heathy goal and we are with you in it with every step!

Lives we touched

With 100% success rate; We were fortunate enough to be able to help more than 500 people in just 3 years. Healurbody was able to naturally cure people suffering from Joint pains, Weight loss, Skin diseases, arthritis, liver, diabetes and much more.

We prevent our client to go through necessary surgeries like knee replacement, liver transplant etc but instead we cure them with natural diet and supplements. Not only we helped our clients overcome their problems but we were able to provide them with a perfect guide to a continuous healthy lifestyle.

  • Hi!, My mother is happy now, she was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since last 38 years with high uric acid, inflammation of whole body, unable to use her hands and feet, suffering from fits and is living her life very painfully in an asylum. Her body shrank and had extreme pain. She is still taking the supplements given by you. Her condition has improved and pain is not so extreme now. She is peaceful, happy, more energetic and have now started using her limbs. She still can’t walk but she had started using her hands and now her uric acid is also normal. She is still living in asylum and once she is ok which definitely take some time as since her problems are many, deep rooted and old, we will take her to our home. We want her to stay with us, healthy and happy. Thank you sir for being in my life.
  • My wife is now cured. She was suffering from psoriasis and it was very painful for her to even do the normal household works. Your guidance actually got rid of her problem. I am very grateful to you.
  • I was allopathic medicines for my thyroid problem. The dosage was increasing with time and there were many side effects also. I was worried about other complications also. I am in contact with sir and he recommended natural supplements along with some life style changes and now my thyroid problem is naturally under control and the complications arisen due to continuous usage of allopathic medicines disappeared.

We will help you be naturally healthy

We all want to maintain a balanced lifestyle but life gets in the way. Sometimes we try too hard and ends up giving up in middle, other we just do not know where to start.

At Healurbody we make sure that we provide you with what you need to reach your health goals in a realistic and a long term approach.

Wether it is your diabetes, liver, arthritis or weight loss, we have a natural solution for all your health problems.

Cost Per Consultation - Rs. 1000 | Cost Of Diet Plan - Rs. 1500