Organic Aamchur Powder

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December 16, 2018
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December 16, 2018
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Organic Aamchur Powder

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Ingredients: Dried Organic Mango Powder.

Ingredients Source – Natural and Organic farms

• It is good for people suffering from anemia as it contains iron content.

• It combats acidity and improves digestion.

• Manages contain Phenols, phenolics compounds have powerful antioxidant & anticancer abilities.

• It is a fair source of vitamin A & vitamin E which helps hormonal system function efficiently.

• Vitamin A & vitamin E are required for healthy skin & eyes.

• Aamchur has high value of vitamin C content and is very effective in treatment of vitamin C deficiency disease.

• 1 part of Aamchur mixed with 2 parts of gud lime is one of the remedy for scurvy.

• Excellent nutrients for the whole body.

• Helps to improve Blood Circulation.

• Helps in maintaining Healthy Cholesterol Levels.

• Rich source of essential Minerals and Vitamins..

Packing: – 100 gm

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