About us

Hi I am Dr. Rajat Trehan I had a really serious liver problem in April 2012. Doctors informed that the damage was really high, but instead of going through surgeries and having toxic drugs; I turned towards natural, organic treatment. within 7 months I was fit like a fiddle!

This recovery inspired me to spread the word of a healthy natural lifestyle. In November 2012 I established Clinical Nutritional Consultancy, HEALURBODY, to help people get rid of diseases with a healthy diet and toxin-free life.

After a great success of helping hundreds of people, We started developing high-quality natural food extracts and herbs to actively change people’s lifestyle to a more positive and healthy one.

Yours in service,

Dr. Rajat Trehan, Phd.(Clinical Nutrition), Masters in Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology And CFT in Plant Based Nutrition, NHI-California, Certification in Plant Based Nutrition, CFN, Clinical Nutritionist