Desi Khaand (natural sweetner) (50 grams to 1000 grams packs available)


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Benefits of Desi Khand:-
Khand provides a lot of energy that helps in maintaining the body stamina. It brings the electrolytes in the body to equilibrium and is also an instant source of muscle repair. Sweets are also common gifts given on every occasion and what makes them a little more special is the taste. Organic Desi Khand not only adds to its taste but also gives it an incentive smell.
Sugarcane and Sugar beet


Is Desi Khaand safe for diabetics?
It is low in GI thus will have little impact on the blood sugar.


What is Desi Khaand?
Desi Khaand is Yellowish or brownish in color. It is sweet and is made from sugar canes from UP & some part of MP. Desi Khaand as the name suggests is traditionally made in India. It is sweet and moreover healthy & natural. It is made without any chemical and has no side effects on consumption. It is a source of whole food that provides necessary vitamins & fibers. During the preparation of desi khaand,milk is used as a cleaning agent instead of water which is used while preparing sugar.

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