Organic Ajwain (Carom seeds) (50 grams to 1000 grams packs available)


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Benefits of Ajwain:-
  • Excellent digestive
  • Good Appetizer and laxative
  • Effective for cold, cough, Nausea, Abdominal pain
Organic Ajwain is sourced from natural and organic farms. Ajwain in English is known as carom seeds




Uses of Ajwain (carom seeds)?
Ajwain is Often Used in Making Dough of Rotis, Samosas, Parathas etc. for its Unique Flavour and Digestive Properties


Directions of use of Ajwain?
Chew a spoonful of raw ajwain seeds every day in the morning. Maintain a gap of half an hour between eating ajwain and having your breakfast. If you have these seeds the first thing in the morning, they help your body release digestive juices which can make digestion better.

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