Tulsi Green Tea (100 grams)




Benefit of Tulsi green tea:-
  • Immunity Booster
  • Tulsi Green tea may support the immune system and cardiovascular systems and promotes detoxification and anti-aging.
  • Both Tulsi & Green Tea may promote healthy metabolism, which is vital to weight management. 
  • Tulsi, may be a Legacy of Good Health.
  • May help in relaxing and may reduce Stress.
  • Made from Fresh Loose leaf tea and natural Tulsi Leaf which retains the original flavor.
  • Natural, Vegetarian, & Herbal tea, no additives.
  • No additives and side effects reported. Should keep away from direct sunlight.




Nutrient content of Tulsi green tea?
  • Green Tea contains naturally occurring catechins – the antioxidant known to have disease fighting properties & provide several health benefits.

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